Our Team


Gene Fowler- Developer

Gene became interested in the IT arena in college. He graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science in the early ’80s. After a few years away from the field, Gene returned in 1995 and has been active ever since. His main interest is database programming, and he spends much of his time developing web-based database applications for our clients. He is proficient with Microsoft SQL Server, VBScript, and Crystal Reports. This combination of skills allows us to create fully-functioning database applications with integrated reporting at just a fraction of what such apps usually cost.



Jeff Stanley- Developer

Jeff has been working in the IS field over 25 years. Because of this experience, Jeff brings along a great deal of knowledge about varying systems and platforms. While spending most of his time in the Windows environment, he is also well-versed in other platforms, especially the AS/400. Jeff has spent a great deal of time aiding AS/400 customers with their data needs by creating reports which access data on the AS/400 and can be displayed in any web browser. This puts important decision-making resources directly into the hands of the people who need it, without the need for intensive training.




In addition to full-time staff, we have working relationships with several companies which provide graphic design work, video production, and other web services. No matter what
the need, we can meet it directly or with one of our partners.